Improving the lives of arthritis patients with compassion, innovation, and leadership.

About CArE

The Center of Arthritis Excellence (CArE) is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health to deliver a community-based arthritis program under a not-for-profit governance model. 

CArE delivers community-based care for arthritis and associated conditions to provide patients with timely assessment, effective treatment, and patient education grounded in self-management principles and based on decades of ground-breaking and innovative arthritis teamwork. 


Doctor and patient having discussion
Doctor consulting with patient

Our services are delivered by an interprofessional team that includes Rheumatologists and allied healthcare professionals (Pharmacists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Health Educators) 

Please feel to reach out to us by email for details of upcoming clinical services and programs. We look forward to serving our patients and community with passion and expertise.

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